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We suggest that you use the reins on this easy going gaited horse, Rockabilly, $3,500, Gelding, Chestnut, Black mane & tail, Age: 6, 14.3H, We suggest you use the reins while riding Rockabilly, but as you can see in the pictures he’ll politely be directed with leg pressure only. He moves out with a soft smooth gait where-ever you point him. Ride all day without fatigue to you or the horse. Great with other horses, easy to catch in pasture, trained, does not spook, rides in front, back of group or out solo. Enjoys grooming and attention. He does it all, great first horse for beginners, youth and petite ladies. No doubt you will own him for years. Gaited Pleasure Horses has over 25 years’ experience selling pleasure & trail horses. We just don’t buy and sell, we trail ride them daily keeping them mentally and physically sound. New gaited horses have arrived such as a big Sorrel MFT, petite black & white SSH, Tobiano TWH and more. , cell 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185518, Watsonville, CA, Submitted On: 03/29, Revised: 04/01

SALE PENDING Less work, more fun and fairly priced for all his talents., Dynamo, $5,000, Gelding, Tobiano, Black & white, Age: 6, 15.3H, I have ridden this horse on the trails in Texas, Arkansas, Nevada and up in the redwoods of Santa Cruz. What a real Dynamo. No matter where you choose to ride him, you won’t be disappointed or stressed out. Feel relaxed riding a real trail savvy horse. Wonderful temperament, does not spook, stands still for rider to mount/dismount, leads, follows or out alone. Dynamo’s smooth gaits are strong but not overpowering you which makes him a great prospect for most riders. A real no fuss horse where you can just saddle-up and say giddy-up...with pleasure! It's best to call me to chit-chat about this horse. We rode downtown Woodside. The horses encountered bicyclists, hikers and passing cars/motorcycles without much fuss. Also no issues riding the trails and through the river in Santa Cruz. I have videos. Call me if you wish. Talking on the phone is so easy while you are riding a gaited horse because of their smooth gaits with NO POSTING. Less work, more fun, let's do this. Call me., cell 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185468, Watsonville, CA, Submitted On: 03/26, Revised: 04/01

Bold Trail Horse, Coke's Champion, $6,500, Gelding, Other, blaze and 4 white socks, Age: 10, 15.1H, 950 lbs, Foaled: 2004, Coke's Champion This incredible SUPER SMOOOOOTH gelding has been ridden in the foothills and mountains of Kentucky and California. Champ is great on the trails. He is fearless and crosses everything in his path - no problem. Super broke on the trail. Plenty of heart and stamina to ride all day long! If you LOVE to ride a smooth, swift, gliding gaited Horse - you will LOVE this horse! He is smooth in ALL gaits and completely fearless on the trails! He is truly elegant - a well made 10yo, 15.1h red chocolate with lots of flash and shines like mahogany when he is shed out! His white socks and beautiful blaze make him different from the plain rockies you see, heads will turn when you ride Champ by them. He is confident and comfortable on the trails, in the woods - from rugged, rough back country to simple country roadsides - He is happy to go ANYWHERE you want to go. He has been ridden her thru deep water, rushing creeks, up steep slopes AND back down again and he is always very surefooted!! He is another one of those ''been there done that'' horses. Champ has been trail ridden all of his life and he is energetic, well-mannered and FUN, FUN, FUN to ride - awesome, athletic, and absolutely gorgeous! He has a super smooth gait and can gait-on all day, if you like. He sets up in the bridle and carries herself like a bold champion - very elegant and showy! He moves with an air of pride and confidence that's a joy to watch and even more FUN TO RIDE!! Any confident rider with good riding skills can handle this horse! Champ is NOT spooky and will go where you point his nose covering the most rugged of terrain. Soft mouth, listens well to voice commands. Loads/Unloads easily, stands tied quietly. Natural Horsemanship round-pen training. If you love to ride and you want a Fun, Smooth, Trail partner who will carry you anywhere you want to go - you need to take a serious look at this awesome trail horse!! , 925-768-7537,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185181, walnut creek, CA, Submitted On: 03/26, Revised: 03/27

Cheap solid Trail Horse for sale , $1,500, Gelding, Black, 8 year old solid black horse for sale. Prince is sound, easy to ride, loves attention, baths, clips, shown, trail ridden, he has just about done everything. Priced for fast sell. Owner doesn't do breed anymore. Contact for more information, videos and pictures. , 925-286-0711, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 185436, Gilroy, CA, Submitted On: 03/24

Free To Good Home, Gelding, Chestnut, Age: 8, 8 year old gelding for sale. Would be prefect for someone for therapeutic program or beginner lesson horse. This horse is sound at a walk only. He is Gaited but no longer can be ridden in a running walk. Is gentle gelding. We are willing to let him go for free to good home. Please contact for more information. , 925-286-0711, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 185434, Gilroy, CA, Submitted On: 03/24

Golden Gait Walkers, If you are looking for a horse that's a "cut above the rest",if you understand the importance of a horse's history, or if you have been burned by a horse that came with bad habits or poor gait, Golden Gait Walkers could have the perfect horse for you. Our horses are professionally bred from top quality stock, and are professionally trained.We breed and train for show quality, correctly gaited, sound minded horses. They are consistently "in the blues" in the show ring, and are also trained to be safe and experienced on the trail. Our horses have never learned a bad habit. Training for your gaited horse is also available. , 530-269-1829, cell 530-305-9874,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 73150, Auburn, CA, Submitted On: 01/25, Revised: 03/23

SOLD! tennesse walker, $4,500, Gelding, Grey, Age: 14, 16H, 1100 lbs, Beautiful, friendly TWH. Great trail horse. Goes out easily alone or with other horses. Almost bomb proof. Crosses water, bridges. Not bothered by bikes or dogs. Never a buck, kick, spin, rear, bolt or bite. Five gaits with a smooth running walk and a rocking canter. Very soft mouth. Very good feet. Very good ground manners. Trailer's easily. Well cared for; teeth and vacc's current. This is a nice, honest horse. Comes with a new saddle and bit. , 707- 538-5416, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 184468, santa rosa, CA, Submitted On: 02/21, Revised: 03/22

SOLD! Been There, Done That TWH Trail Gelding, Ultimate'sCarbonBoy, $4,500, Gelding, Black, solid, Age: 13, 15.2H, Foaled: 2001, "Tucker" has truly done it all. He has competed in field trials, camped all over the bay area, ridden in parades, and completed 30+ mile LD endurance rides. For the last 8 years he has been certified through the East Bay Regional Park's rigorous mounted patrol program. Tucker is not spooky or reactive, he's great riding with traffic, dogs, pigs, water, slick mud, flares, helicopters- regardless of the situation he has a good head and is quiet and sensible. Goes out great alone or with others. His gaits are smooth and comfortable with a pretty collected running walk and a beautiful canter. He is mellow, quiet and kind, and will be an outstanding mount for any dedicated trail rider. , 408-806-6628,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 183626, Danville, CA, Submitted On: 02/10, Revised: 03/15

SOLD! Flashy Moving, Trail Ready TWH Gelding, TheSassy&SweetTouch, $3,000, Gelding, Black, solid, Age: 10, 14.3H, Foaled: 2004, "Pip" is an experienced trail horse with forward, smooth gaits. He has been ridden all over Mt. Diablo and has competed in 5 day field trials. His easy riding gaits and "let's go" attitude make him an excellent prospect for endurance or any long distance trail rider. Pip is not spooky and has been ridden with traffic, dogs, bicycles and wildlife, he crosses bridges and water, and loads easily into an old-fashioned straight load trailer. His small size make him ideal for a young rider, however he is stout and strong enough to easily carry a larger adult. , 408-806-6628,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 183641, Danville, CA, Submitted On: 02/10, Revised: 03/15

Sweet Missouri Fox Trotter, Bridget, $3,900, Mare, Sorrel, Age: 9, 16H, Missouri Fox Trotter #04-82865, Sweet and beautiful mare. Bridget will make any owner a wonderful addition. Smoothest ride I have ever had in my 40 years of riding. Trails or arena she has done horse camping at Yosemite, been around rivers, kids and ATV noise. She is easy to maintain. Just turning 10 with a very shiney coat. Uses a snaffle bit and trailers easily. Looking for the right home or possibly a great rider to share the expenses as I have a second horse to ride and no longer a partner to justify owning two horses. Was told she is worth over $7,000 but more important for me that she goes to a good home., 925-6844409, cell 9259986697, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185232, Discovery Bay, ca, Submitted On: 03/11

Natural Horsemanship Trained Gaited Horses, 2 new gaited horses for sale. See website. Natural horsemanship and gaited horse training available, gait correction, cantering, trail training. Gaited Dvd's- Gait training, cantering and ground work. See website for more information., 925-768-7537,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 167301, walnut creek, CA, Submitted On: 01/17, Revised: 03/07

Stunning Black TWH MAre , All Mighty's Catilla, $8,500, Mare, Black, Age: 10, 15.1H, 1100 lbs, TWHBEA #20602614, STUNNING, WELL ROUNDED, VERSATILE REGISTERED TWH MARE, Kitty has been shown successfully in Halter, Pleasure,and trained in Dressage by Lucenda Romero in the Bay Area for many years when she was younger. Most recently she has been riding trail and being taught Natural Horsemanship. Kitty has beautifully smooth natural gaits, including a slow rhythmic canter. She rides in a snaffle or a leverage bit, and goes barefoot. She is well broke, moves of your leg cues, is balanced and has a willing and courageous temperament. She goes through trail obstacles, man- made and natural with ease, she is a pleasure to ride. Kitty has exceptional ground manners, ground ties- good with farrier- baths, trailer loading and traveling. She is an all around horse that has done it all! More pictures and video available., 530-6769976, cell 650 464 4862, , See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185104, Shingle Springs , CA, Submitted On: 03/03

Extraordinary Black Tennessee Walking Horse, Big Daddy, $5,500, Gelding, Black, Age: 15, 16.1H, Big Daddy. A once in a lifetime horse. It is impossible for us to imagine watching this guy drive away from our home in someone else’s trailer, so let’s be clear up front that we are looking for the IDEAL home for him. He has been with us since he was 4 years old (he is now 15) and it is our hope and prayer that his next home will be his last. He has MANY more years of great trail riding adventures in him, so we are sure that the right home is out there. Big Daddy has been everywhere and done it all: horse camping throughout Yosemite (Wawona Point and Chilnualna Falls). He has logged 100s of miles in CA, including Point Reyes, Big Meadow, Shaver Lake, Los Osos, Morro Bay and countless other trail systems (including swimming in the ocean). He has ridden in our local electric light parade (at night, at Christmas, while dressed up!) and our local Rodeo Parade. He was started on the cart as a youngster (though he hasn’t driven in years). He happily walks up our busy streets and ties off outside the corner store while I get a sandwich! He loves Trail Trials and Gymkhanas and has truly been a dream horse. Out of Poison. Reg. TWBEA. , 559-3228859, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 185056, clovis, ca, Submitted On: 03/01

NEW PRICE Gentle, very experienced, flashy gaited gelding for trail riding, field trials, hunting, Stormy's Show Man, $3,500, Gelding, Black, Age: 21, 15.1H, 1100 lbs, TWHBEA #947370, Foaled: 1994, View pedigree, "Ace" has been professionally used for the last 15 years as a field trial mount. Only reason for selling is I am 7 months pregnant and so I won't be field trailing anymore. He has a bombproof attitude and is not spooked by dogs running between his legs, shooting guns, flying birds, ATV's, or muddy footing. Packs saddle bags and slickers without a fuss. He has traveled all across the US from CA to KS working as a field trial horse. Travels well in any type of trailer in-between other horses. Backs out of trailer. He is also used for pleasure riding on the trails. Very smooth gait, does not need special shoes or devices. Rides in front/middle/behind. Does not bite or kick, very gentle and submissive, just wants to get along. I trust him with kids running around the legs and use him for pony rides with the little ones on his back. Rides in any type of bit, can be ridden bareback and in a halter. Never had any soundness issues. Great with farrier and vet. Goes barefoot but can be shod. UTD on all vaccinations, deworming and teeth floating. Easy keeper only needs grass hay. Wonderful horse suitable for experienced riders who want a safe mount that can go all day long! Call or text, 530-412-0298,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 185021, San Martin, CA, Submitted On: 02/26, Revised: 02/28

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